Famecast.com founder and CEO Kent S avage said his company’s contest aims to reach performers like Gonzalez who are seeking a venue for their art. “Lack of exposure is what keeps our best talent in the shadows,” he said in an interview from Austin, Texas, where he is preparing for the finals. “We aim to shine the spotlight on this talent.”

Savage created Famecast.com to serve as a mechanism for promoting artists directly to the audience. “Too often the talent industry gets to choose who we see,” he said. “There’s a better way out there thanks to the Internet.” His company’s Web site allows artists in several categories, including music and comedy, to upload their performances for free. Viewers register at no cost to watch the emerging artists.

The outcome of the contest is completely dependant on the votes of viewers. “We let the public decide who’s worthy of stardom,” Savage said.

Gonzalez is confident in his ability to win the contest. He said his children and family provide plenty of raw material to shape into a comedy routine. “My family is very supportive,” he said.

The middle of five children, with an extended family of cousins, Gonzalez said he draws from childhood experiences to elicit laughs from his audiences. “Mom thinks I’m making some of this stuff up, but it really happened that way. My brothers and sisters always back me up when she tries to deny it,” he said with a laugh.

He added that he suspects his father hasn’t attended one of his stand-up shows because he is afraid of what he’ll hear in the routine.

Gonzalez is looking forward to a long, successful career as a stand-up comic. “I take it one day at a time. I set goals for myself each day and achieve them,” he said. His aspirations are becoming a reality and a win in the Famecast.com contest would help expand his artistic reach. “Eventually, I want people to open up for me,” he said.

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